Why is a New Restoration Service the Only Option?

by Dahni

© Copyright 10/24/09

all rights reserved

As Jim Carey would say, “Alrighty then.”

Pull up a chair, kick your shoes off, put your feet up and sit a spell.

Might as well get comfortable!

Coffee or tea?

As promised, this will be an introduction or an overview of the 8  principle actions or ideas taking place to affect change in this country of, for and by WE the People and WHY a new restoration service, The American Eagle Service is the ONLY viable solution for success.

Before this begins, you, 1 of WE, need to ask yourself just one question. Does yours, my and our present government really reflect the will of WE the People?

I already know the answer from many people and I suspect there are many more that would cry a resounding NO!

If this is your answer, then the next question logically follows. What can you; what can I and what can WE (if anything), do about it?

I am no longer here speaking to those that have given up and are no longer interested, capable or willing to change – to serve. And I am not writing to those that would just continue to moan, weep, whine and complain, but do nothing! and I am not writing to or for those that believe government owes them anything and everything from the womb to the tomb.

WE the People have real needs and concerns and WE need real answers and solutions NOW!

There are watchdogs, whistle blowers and true journalists out there that are uncovering hidden facts of darkness, error and incompetence and bringing these to the light of day. They are needed, appreciated and should receive OUR support. You know who they are or you know who you are.

There are comics, satirists, humorists and comical commentators which provide a great deal of relief to the present stresses of all and each 1 of WE. They are needed, appreciated and should receive OUR support. You know who they are or you know who you are.

But what about the rest of US? What do WE need? What can WE do? What is being done? Do you; I and WE even care? Does our present government have too much or not enough power? If it has too much as I and many others believe, how did it get it?

Quite simply put, our present form of government has an Executive, a Legislative and a Judiciary branch, purposely designed as a system of checks and balances. Are these  in or out of balance? If they are out of balance, then here is the next question.

Are the writs and works of our founding fathers and documents, Living and Breathing or are they outdated and unworkable in our day and in our time?

To begin to understand, it all comes down to one thing and it is not freedom, but liberty. There can be no freedom unless there is liberty. So then if our liberty hangs in the balance, then so do our individual and collective freedoms. Then how has this happened? In another single word, re-written.

Though the means to restrict liberty and ultimately freedom itself are more complicated then a one word answer, it is through rewriting the Law of the Land that this has been occurring over time.

The rewriting of our laws by all branches of government and enforced primarily by the Judiciary branch, have rewritten our system of government. Of this there can be no doubt. But is this what WE the people have asked for, voted for or were even given a clear choice? If it was, did we understand the choice or was another hidden agenda buried in a mountain size document; written in legal, political and rhetorical ‘speak’ that only a genius could read and understand?

I believe this rewriting of history and interpreting the Law of the Land, center around the ‘Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution, The War Powers Act/Marshall Law, Imminent Domain, Classified information under the cover of National Security, and specific dates in the 1800’s. But mostly the cause stems from rewriting our history, hiding it from us and endeavoring to replace our republic with a corporation.

The ‘blame-game’ is over, at least here! I am not about to blame anyone, question their motives or their patriotism. This is not he said, she said, I am of this or I am of that party. This is not about dividing and conquering, it is about WE THE PEOPLE! If WE do not want what is happening in our country, it is OUR RIGHT to change all of it, which even includes the formation of a new government, if this is the will of WE the People? Our founding document, the Law of the Land, OUR Constitution affords US this right and demands our unified response!

After those brief introductory remarks… 🙂

…what are WE to do about this? What are others of WE doing about it? What are the possibilities and which of them (if any), have the greater chance of succeeding?

The List

1.   Overthrow the government by a military coup or para-military militias? This is hardly worth even listing, but it is a possibility. However, it is not recommended as many could lose their property, their honor and their lives. This was tried many years ago and most of those that pledged these things, lost those things. They were branded as traitors. One thing that must be clearly understood by all that read here is, what came to be known as The Declaration of Independence, was based on the rule and civility of law. It was the breaking of the law by the king of England that fueled the conflict known as, The Revolutionary War. Today, any revolution must be based on the rule of law. Just being angry and wanting to fight might just get you imprisoned at least and killed at worst. There must be a better way. There is!

2.   The 9/12 Project? I was very excited to take part in this. The 9/12 Project is quite possibly what led to really doing something about The American Eagle Service here. Before today, the concept was just that, a concept, me venting and not much more than that. Initially it was a new party I thought would be needed to restore our republic. Not anymore! But for background on this, you can read the original post from another blog by clicking on: Just I-Magine – The American Eagle Party Then I got some comments from others that basically all said the same things -“What are you doing about this,” or “Are you doing anything with this? Most everyone in this country know perfectly well what happened on September 11th, 2001; where they were; what they were doing and how they felt. The 9/12 Project grew out of the idea that WE the People were United for perhaps the first time in a long time, on September 12th, 2001. The 9/12 Project’s goal is to return to that unity and to keep it going. People no matter their race, color, creed, political persuasion, intellect , social and economic status will bind together for a common goal or a common enemy. I believe now, the unity on 9/12/01 was a bond formed out of fear of a common enemy. WE need more, much more than fear to unite us! WE are still very much divided. WE need to do something and now! Oh, we must have some great leader! Who am I? I am nobody, but I am 1 of WE.  That’s who I am. I have started these 6 associative posts. This is what I am doing. What are you doing? What are WE doing?

3.   Several states are challenging ‘The Commerce Clause’ under the banner of the state’s right to regulate it’s own gun control laws. They seek to be heard by the courts and ultimately the United States Supreme Court. If somehow the previous decisions by the courts were overturned, this could nearly change everything in this country and would revert much of the present powers back to maybe the 1800’s. Some fear that if that happened, there would be mass hysteria, total anarchy and utter chaos. The chances of this happening is questionable for two reasons. The statutory, the legal presentations and arguments to the courts have got to be nearly perfect if not wholly perfect. And if they were, there is still the chance that The Supreme Court may still side with the original decisions. And why? Their opinions and their interpretations for whatever their reasons might be, that’s why.

4.   There are some which are proposing that a Constitutional Congress be convened in order to place into the Constitution the necessary changes or to change the entire rule of government. This could happen if the required number of states, call for such a convention. If  this were to happen, Congress would have to order the convention and select the delegates. Once the convention convenes, there is NO WAY TO CONTROL IT OR THE OUTCOME! WE the People must NOT call for such a convention! Be it known to all that there are those who desire to abolish the United States Constitution!

5.   Hope that the present circumstances will change and the will of WE the People will be implemented by the present party in control?

6.   Others Hope that the other party will get its act together and produce the necessary changes for WE the People in future elections? And others Hope that they can distance themselves from their own scandals and responsibility in part, for our present troubles?

7.   Remain divided and work for self, other causes, parties and candidates. Even if noble, WE the People would still remain divided?

8.   The American Eagle Service ( I don’t care what its final name might be, I just care about its principles)? Since the beginning of this country, people have been and remain divided. Our founding fathers and their writs and works understood this and fashioned the United States Constitution which did and still could, unify our nation. The various parties and branches of government over the years, have sought to gain greater influence, control and power over the other branches. Here is a quick and simple example. If I were the president and could not get congress to go along with what I want and even if I sincerely believe it is the best thing to do, I could turn to the Judiciary Branch and try to influence them to decide the matter (interpret the law), in my favor. Many presidents have tried to ‘stack the courts’ for this very purpose. The American Eagle Service’s goal if you will, is to ‘stack’ the Executive and Legislative branches of government and replace or limit the service of the Judiciary branch. How? With candidates, appointees and elected servants properly seated, willing and able to serve for a limited period of time and all under legally binding contracts with,  WE the People. They can be placed into service for a limited time and they can be replaced for failure or for breech of contract, other circumstances which would prevent them from fulfilling their term, even while in their limited terms of service, with replacements readied. Politics would become no longer a lifetime occupation, but limited terms of service as a responsibility to WE the People with gratitude for all WE have been given. I fervently believe there are sufficient numbers of independents, disenchanted democrats; disheartened republicans and others that could change the outcome of local, state and national elections, IF WE the People will stand together, unified over not a common enemy, but a common goal. Now for all those that think this cannot happen or that there is not enough time, wait until you find out WHY it can happen and sooner than you think. STAY TUNED! The goal always was and remains, LIBERTY. Liberty to me is the freedom to succeed with what I am doing or trying to do here.  Liberty also means to me that I have the freedom to fail and fail miserably, if that is what it is to be. But I who have been given so much and have paid so little, can do nothing less than to stand for something, greater than myself. And I stand for WE the People and for LIBERTY! I encourage you to learn and understand what liberty is; what it means to you, 1 of WE and to WE the People. Take a look at this associated blog post: Our Lady Liberty – How’s She Doing? Birth of an Idea

Note: I could have listed doing nothing above or moving out of the country, but they are not viable solutions, unless you are part of the problem. 🙂

These 8 points will be individually developed in future posts here.

Next Time Click the link – Why Overthrowing the Government Won’t Work?

Check out the other blogs listed to the right. Come often. Bring others. Get involved. Do something. Even if it is just leaving a comment, that’s doing something. But don’t bother in telling me how stupid I am, this won’t work or that you hate my guts and things like that. Been there, done that and heard that all before and then some. Be original. Be different. I think no greater or more eloquent words were ever spoken about getting involved, than those by President John F. Kennedy –

“Ask not what your country can do for you,

but what you can do for your country!”

1 of WE,


an American Eagle

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