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by Dahni

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Due to the severity of the plural-crisis in our day and in our time, this post interrupts our continued study of the ‘Commerce Clause.’ It is to also, commemorate the unity WE the people were bound by, on September 12th, 2001. May we continue to be so bound, not by fear, but by the mutual goals of WE the People!

The following are a series of my edited ‘Tweets,’ posted in succession in the early morning hours of September 12, 2009, on Twitter –


Problem (thesis) + Fear (antithesis) = Solution is the government? In another way of stating this: Problem + Reaction = Solution. This is a definition of Hegelian Dialectic.

Have or create a crisis/problem – React with fear – Then the Government is the solver or the provider of the solution, but the problem/crisis and the promotion of fear and the solver of the solution (the government), are all, one and the same!

Things = to the same thing are = 2 each other.

Our problems/fears are removed when WE remove the corruption in government. WE must stack the government with those that will perform to do the will of WE the people, or perhaps there is a similar solution?

A 2-party system WE think is choice, is really dividing US and pushing agendas which take away OUR freedoms – Problem + Reaction = Solution

OUR true freedom lies in the liberty of personal initiative, independent thought and personal responsibility.

The legal corporation of the United States of America needs to be dissolved and WE need to return to the sovereignty intended by our founding founders.

Every American Citizen needs to understand what ‘Legal Fiction,’ is!” There exists, 2 USA’s and 100 states. One of these groups  is legal fiction. WE are living in ‘The Matrix.! Do WE take the red pill or the blue pill? How far down the rabbit hole do WE want to fall?

Awake – arise from the slumber and sleep of deception – THIS IS OUR TIME!

Create a crisis – scare people – then only government can come to the rescue? Rubbish!!!!

WE need to replace ALL politicians from the local, state & National level, with citizens under contract, for a limited term of service and have a ‘farm’ team to replace them, if they cannot discharge their duties or are in breach of contract. Right, like that’s going to happen? There is an more simple solution!

Who holds the responsibility 4 U & I? Who has the power to affect OUR lives?

Power corrupts!

To make informed decisions, WE need accurate information. If the Internet is a “sewer of misinformation,” according to Tom Friedman, what then, is the mass media?

If the Internet is a “sewer” and mass media does not provide accurate information, then they are not merely biased – they are the suppressors of information.

What is one thing dictators do to control people? Answer: Suppress or control information. The mass media in the USA for the most part, is guilty of this!

The 14th amendment to the Constitution describes a citizen, unintended by the original Constitution and is “legal fiction.”

While the un-civil war was taking place in he 1800’s and the nation was divided and distracted, “legal fiction” created another USA with states having the same names. This new “legal fiction” USA, had jurisdiction over these same named “legal fiction” states. In 1863 all the states became districts under the jursidiction of the Federal government and the president. This jurisdiction became a legal corporation with the seat or center of the corporation residing in the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) in 1871. NO PRESIDENT (democrat or republican), since Abraham Lincoln, or congress or Supreme Court, HAS EVER RESCINDED THIS ORDER, REPEALED IT OR OVERTURNED IT!

Question Everything and Everyone and question boldly! Take a stand for something or fall for everything.

Always follow the money!

Remember – it is NOT US against them, or each other! It is WE the people! This is OUR country.

If WE were born in a state in the U.S.A. that was here prior to 1861 as were our forefathers, we are sovereign citizens of that state.

Sovereignty was promised to our forefathers and their posterity (to  you and I), in the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution of the United States of America.

Today in courts of law, there are rights & privileges. Rights belong to the people – privileges are given by the state. Courts have declared that they have no responsibility to inform us of our rights or to protect them.

Only the belligerent may demand their constitutional rights!

WE can change if we want to, as soon as right NOW and in the next election year.

WE can legally write-in anyone we want! WE landowners can legally have our votes recorded and placed into the public records! Why would WE want to do that? The answer coming soon!

Would a third party succeed? Such a thing has NEVER worked, but could it? Whenever WE make up our mind, IT COULD BE DONE! But there is an easier way! The answer is coming soon!

Thirteen original colonies despite their several differences, unanimously declared on legal grounds, separation from tyranny and to that end, pledged their “lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.”

Only 10-13% of the population of 13 original colonies fought in the Revolutionary War in the 1700’s. Most were untrained, undisciplined and without the adequate resources to fight or to often, even survive! Yet these 13 little colonies defeated the greatest military power of the day. Oh, what can be done when there is WILL and WE make up OUR minds!!!

Power corrupts – Location does not change a heart whether it is in China or the USA. Some people always seek power, no matter where they are.

Power seekers have had real problems with the balance of power system our government was founded upon, but…

…throughout our history, the executive has tried to legislate and control the judiciary…

…the judiciary has tried to legislate and INTERPRET the law…

…the legislative have tried to execute and influence the judiciary…

…lobbyists & business have always sought to influence.

Politics instead of it being the duty to serve for the rights afforded to all, has become the career path of the privileged few!

When a politician no longer listens to, cares for, or fears (respects), the will of his or her constituents, they are NOT a servant of WE the People!

What makes us different from all other species of animals upon this planet, lie in our ability to survive TOGETHER!

Any government which does not promote such togetherness by liberty and freedom is the enemy of the PEOPLE.

WE who have the ability (even knowledge is an ability), to change such evil which threaten OUR survival, have the responsibility to change!

What are WE – A Democracy or a Republic?

A democracy is majority rule and is destructive of liberty because there is no law to prevent the majority from trampling individual rights.

A republic grants limited authority and is derived through election by the people of those best fitted to represent them and to protect the rights of all people.

Ask not what our country can do for us, or what WE can do for our country, but ask what WE can do, for one another…

…that a country of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE, may not perish, but prosper and shine out, unto the entire world!

If WE meet it is WE that must decide, shall WE meet as enemies or shall we meet as friends?

My rights as a sovereign citizen are equal to my responsibility to protect your sovereign citizen rights. I may by free choice and by my individual ability do more, but I CANNOT DO LESS!

Want to change what cannot be seen, for what WE can see, in OUR lifetimes?

Next Time: What are WE?

Check out the other blogs listed to the right. Come often. Bring others. Get involved. Do something. Even if it is just leaving a comment, that’s doing something. But don’t bother in telling me how stupid I am, this won’t work or that you hate my guts and things like that. Been there, done that and heard that all before and then some. Be original. Be different.

Ask not what your country can do for you

or what you can do for your country,

but what can WE do for each other!”

1 of WE,

An Amer-I-Can eagle

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