The Commerce Clause part 4 of 4

by Dahni

© Copyright 1/30/10

all rights reserved

HOW can WE the People regain control of Our right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? WE have been delving into what won’t work in order to find what will work. So far:

The List (simplified)

1.   Overthrow the government by a military coup or para-military militias?

2.   The 9/12 Project?

3.   Challenge ‘The Commerce Clause’? WE conclude today!

Today – ‘The Commerce Clause’ – part 4 of 4 (conclusion)

The Commerce Clause as defined in OUR Constitution and primarily meant by OUR founders as the U.S. government’s limited power to regulate the trade among foreign nations (those outside of this country and the separate states insides this country). This was so that no state would have an unfair advantage at the expense of the others and to prevent trade with foreign nations outside of this country – those hostile towards, unfavorable to, intending to overthrow or had/have intent to do harm to the United States of America. This was all misinterpreted during the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Ever since then, the Federal Government thinks and the states believe, the Federal government can do almost whatever it wants, whenever and to whomever it wants.

Challenging the Commerce clause is like looking for a needle in a haystack or comparing pocket change to the contents of a bank’s vault. It is pointless, a waste of time, a waste of resources and all the energy expended. It is not one issue. It is not removing a certain person or persons from office and it is not removing an entire political party by replacing it with another. Just like living inside the ‘Matrix’ as in the movie series baring that name, WE just think, believe and act as if WE have Liberty and that WE are living inside the United States of America, when WE are in fact, thinking and acting and living out our lives inside of a system, a corrupt and unconstitutional system called, the United States, Inc.

If you are in your 50’s and older, you will recall a time in your life when things made in the country of Japan were unacceptable and not wanted to be purchased because, they were cheap and cheap things were seldom good. But have you ever heard of a man named W. Edward Demings? Well, almost every person in Japan has, including their emperor. During Demings’ lifetime and right after WW II, his image used to hang beside that of the emperor of Japan. After WW II, Demings in four years time changed the economic climate of an entire country. Today, Japan is cautious about accepting anything made in the United States, because of our inferior quality. WOW, what a switch and in my lifetime! So what did Demings do and how does what he did relate here? Of systems Demings wrote:

“Systems under which people work account for 95% of all errors and failure; therefore, the key to excellence is to perfect the system!”

-W. Edward Demings

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is not OUR Constitution that has failed. It has not failed to keep pace with the times. It has not failed USWE the People have not failed. The responsibility of failure is not of a single person, persons, branch of government or party. It is a corrupt system that has failed and is failing. Look all around you, do you think and believe all is well and good, in the good O’ USA? Do you trust the media? Do you trust your government? According to recent polls, WE the People overwhelmingly and apparently, do NOT! Therefore, the only solution is to perfect the system. But a system corrupt which places the cumulative power and resources of WE the People into the hands of a few, cannot be perfected, for as John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton wrote –

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

OUR only solution is to remove this corrupt, corrupting and corruptible system!

I do apologize for the length of this series on the Commerce Clause and that of this entire blog. But I know of no other way than what I have tried to do, to get OUR eyes opened. Once WE can see, then, WE can do something about getting rid of this system.

I have promised and will keep my promise. I promise you that what WE can do about all of this and HOW to do it, is coming! It is really quite simple. It will not take forever or even a lifetime. It will only take a small amount of time and your direct participation. It may be difficult, but WE can do it IF, WE the People so will to do it. Do WE so will?

What may seem as insurmountable odds in regaining control of our liberties may appear hopeless, but there is an answer! Stay tuned here as we continue.

Next Time – ‘Convening a Constitutional Congress

Check out the other blogs listed to the right. Come often. Bring others. Get involved. Do something. Even if it is just leaving a comment, that’s doing something. But don’t bother in telling me how stupid I am, this won’t work or that you hate my guts and things like that. Been there, done that and heard that all before and then some. Be original. Be different.

Ask not what your country can do for you

or what you can do for your country,

but what can WE the People do, for each other!”

1 of WE,


An Amer-I-Can eagle

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