Let the Restoration Begin

by Dahni

© Copyright 2/08/10

all rights reserved

HOW can WE the People regain control of OUR right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? WE have delved into what won’t work in order to find what will work.

Last time I asked for your help (the 8 Re’s from the last post). The title of the list “Redux” and every item on the list used the same two letters, ‘R’ & ‘e’ or ‘Re’. Restoration uses the same first two letters, also. ‘Re’ is an important prefix and quite simply means to repeat, do something over or do something again. Like the word – ‘rejoice,’ for example. In order to rejoice, WE first needed to have joy. The point here is that these things are available and we just want to re-do or re-peat these over and over. WE want to re-store.

Today: Let the Restoration Begin!

WE the People must know and understand what a restoration is and what WE are restoring. This is not a construction, a de-struction or a re-construction. It is not building, a re-building or a re-modeling . It is a re-storing or a restoration of the original. It is something WE already had and WE already have!

In previous posts in this blog, I have taken great lengths to try and uncover, what has been hidden from most of US for well over 100 years (specifically since 1861). The words ‘Legal Fiction,’ were introduced. WE have looked at various metaphors and ideas to try and fix an image in our minds, as to what legal fiction is. Concepts from the series of movies known as ‘The Matrix’ were used as was the ‘rabbit hole,’ in the fantasy world of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Plainly and legally, legal fiction is as follows.

Legal Fiction

In the common law tradition, legal fictions are suppositions of fact taken to be true by the courts of law, but which are not necessarily true. They typically are used to evade archaic rules of procedure or to extend the jurisdiction of the courts in ways that were considered useful, but not strictly authorized by the old rule.

Legal fictions were used by courts prior to the existence of handling offences. In a situation where A sells stolen property to B, B can then be accused of handling stolen property. Legal fiction has been used to declare that: as A did not have the power to sell the property to B, B was considered to have also stolen the property, and was therefore guilty of theft.

The term “legal fiction” is not usually used in a pejorative way in spite of the negative connotation of the phrase, and has been characterized as scaffolding around a building under construction.

Note: Research the history of ‘Legal fiction’ and Law dictionaries, specifically ‘Black’s Law dictionary. It may be of interest to you to discover the specific year (edition) when this term was first used.

What does ‘Legal Fiction’ have to do with restoration? What the following image endeavors to illustrate is that legal fiction is not real. It is a fake or a façade. It does not exist. It is fantasy. Take a look at the image below.

The image is a model of OUR U.S. Capitol. For OUR purposes here, this represents OUR Republic; OUR Constitution; OUR government; OUR rule of Law.

With the lighting, the image and black background, it is accepted as being at night. Night represents secrecy or the cover of darkness.

If you look closely, scaffolding can be seen in the picture. It is hard to tell exactly where the scaffolding is. Is it in front of, in the center (sandwiched between two buildings) or behind the building? But once WE see it, WE know it is there. Remember, scaffolding is used as an analogy for a building under construction. So what it appears to be that what WE are looking at, is OUR republic, under construction. This can be understood as amendments to our Constitution; other purported laws of the land and states or as, a work in progress.

What WE think and believe is OUR Republic, is actually a façade. It is like a whole town built for a western movie set. From the front it looks real, but it actually has no sides, innards or back.

Look closely. Can you see a faint image of the capitol’s rotunda just behind and to the left of the one lit and in the foreground? What WE are actually looking at is a building which appears to be an exact replica of the one in front. Darkness and the scaffolding make this difficult to see, but this is what is there. And what is this dark, unseen and almost unknown building? It is our Republic! It is not a replica! The replica is the one in front; the one that looks all pretty and lit up. It’s the one WE think and believe is OUR republic. It is not an exact replica! It is a fake and it has been altered!

The scaffolding (legal fiction), was used to construct this façade or fake government. The real capitol is behind the fake one.

Look at the center of the lit capitol rotunda in the foreground. Can you make out the colors of blue and gold and the form of a chair? It is a throne and representative of a monarchy, or a dictatorship. Call this usurpation, treason or tyranny.

This is not to blame a person, persons or party. It is not another conspiracy theory. Whether by original intent, present knowledge with intent, or ignorance, these are the facts. This is a system, a corrupt, corruptiing and corruptible system THAT MUST BE TORN DOWN AND TORN OUT!

This system, this scaffolding, this legal fiction, this United States, Inc., this façade, has been under construction for well over 100 years!

This system has systematically tried to rewrite history, OUR Constitution and OUR unalienable rights that among these are, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

This system has tried to replace the United States FOR America with the United States OF America. This system has tried to replace OUR Republic (rule by law) with a democracy (rule by majority). This system has tried to replace OUR unalienable (rights which cannot be surrendered or taken) with inalienable rights (freedoms – privileges which can be surrendered and taken). This system has tried to take the sovereignty of the several states and replace them with districts under the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia, Inc. This system has tried to replace OUR citizenship in the state where WE reside and replace it with Citizenship of (under the jurisdiction of) the United States (the District of Columbia, Inc.). This system has tried to take OUR Liberties (unalienable rights) and replace them with freedoms (inalienable rights (privileges).

This system has tried to bind US under legal contract in replacing bearer bonds, legal tender – money backed by gold or silver as instruments for services rendered, acquisitions acquired and for payments of all debts public and private, with Federal Reserve Notes. This system has tried to bind us under contract in our acceptance of this counterfeit money and illegal bearer bonds. But no contract is valid unless all parties knowingly agree to the terms and have all signed the contract. No representative may sign on behalf of any other. No power of attorney is valid unless for the cause of a non-adult prohibited from entering into any such binding agreement or it has been proven that physical or mental incapacitation, can show cause that the party is unable to sign the contract for herself or himself.

This system has tried to systematically tear down the government OF the People, By the People and FOR the People and replace it with a master relationship (even if benevolent), for whom we serve as its servants; its slaves for our very existence.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is OUR Republic that WE the People are to restore. Nothing has changed! OUR Republic has not changed! OUR sovereignty has not changed nor has the sovereignty of the several states. OUR Liberty has not and cannot be forfeited, surrendered or taken from US! Our Constitution has not changed!

WE the People are living inside and outside of a lie, a façade, and a fake legal fiction fantasy called, the United States, Inc.; seated in the District of Columbia, Inc!

WE the people must tear down the scaffolding and this legal fiction façade and rip it out to reveal and to restore, OUR Republic which still stands!

WE the People know now, what has to be restored (OUR Republic). Now WE the People need to know, HOW to restore it!

I have promised and will keep my promise. I promise you that what WE can do about all of this and HOW to do it is coming! It is really quite simple. It will not take forever or even a lifetime. It will only take a small amount of time and the participation of each 1 of WE the people. It may be difficult, but WE can do it IF, WE the People so will to do it. Do WE so will?

What may seem as insurmountable odds in regaining control of our liberties may appear hopeless, but there is an answer! Stay tuned here as we continue.

Next Time: The Most Powerful Person in the U.S.A.

Check out the other blogs listed to the right. Come often. Bring others. Get involved. Do something. Even if it is just leaving a comment, that’s doing something. But don’t bother in telling me how stupid I am, this won’t work or that you hate my guts and things like that. Been there, done that and heard that all before and then some. Be original. Be different.

Ask not what your country can do for you

or what you can do for your country,

but what can WE the People do, for each other!”

1 of WE,

An Amer-I-Can eagle

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