The Conservative and The Liberal

By Dahni

© 2010 all rights reserved

Once upon a recent day, somewhere on Main Street America, a group of conservatives got together to ‘peaceably’ protest something. The police were called. A bias media was informed. The media showed up and branded the marchers with all kinds of unsavory names like “twits,” “Far Right Extremists,” “dangerous,” “radicals” and “racists.” The police dispersed the crowd.

A little time went by and a group of liberals got together to ‘peaceably’ protest something. The police were called. A bias media was informed. The media showed up and branded these marchers also, with all kinds of unsavory names like “Libs,” “Far Left Extremists,” “dangerous,” “radicals” and “racists.” The police dispersed the crowd.

A few days later, two couples crossed paths on the sidewalk and recognized one another. One couple had been supporters, marchers and protestors at the conservative gathering earlier. The other couple had been supporters, marchers and protestors at the liberal rally previously.

The couples were mixed – one White American, one Black American or African American or Negro American, one Chinese American and one Hispanic American or Latino American or Spanish Origin American.

After a few angry words were exchanged, they walked out into the center of the street. The police were called and the media was informed.

Some enterprising American Indian Americans, Alaskan Native Americans, Mexican Americans or Chicano Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, Asian Indian Americans, Japanese Americans, Native Hawaiian Americans, Korean Americans, Guarmanian Americans or Chamorro Americans, Filipino Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Samoan Americans, Other Asian Americans, Other Pacific Islander Americans, and some Other Race Americans, all kids (youts’ or youths) plus Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog, set up a lemonade stand.

Disclaimer: All the above racial and ethnic categories come from the U.S. 2010 Census form, so don’t get mad at me.

Anyway, some environmental people stood in trees while others sat on benches made from trees. Some rode horses and other were crossing guards for an endangered species of turtles. The global warmers sat inside air-conditioned homes and others could not understand why it was so cold outside.

Some Christians, Roman Catholics, Jews, Moslems and ‘Other Religions’ religious people prayed. Some Agnostics could not decide if they should pray or not pray. Some Atheists, it was assumed, just Un-prayed.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took the day off as there was no minority or disadvantaged people to represent.

The whole neighborhood turned out and it was a small representation of everything and everyone on planet earth.

The media never showed up as there was no story for any of them to ‘spin,’ so they just ran with a re-make of yesterday’s news or made up stuff.

Government was upset as there was no apparent crisis to solve or muck up.

When the police finally arrived, they did not know what to do, so they left, leaving the two couples in the middle of the street, to “work it out.”

After the police left and no one in the neighborhood seemed to care anymore, everyone went home or to where-ever. The street was quiet.

The two guys proceeded to beat the crap out of each other. The ladies got down and dirty in a knock-down; drag-out cat fight.

The guys were last seen arm-n-arm, with red, white and blue bruises and black eyes. They were each drinking their favorite All-American beer or near-beer. One ate an All-American backyard burger (meat or non-meat) and the other an All-American hotdog (meat or non-meat). Then one had some Fourth of July Cherry Pie (with or without sugar) and the other a piece of American Mom’s Apple Pie (with or without sugar). Together they stood smiling, laughing and screaming; rooting for their own favorite baseball team. And there at the stadium, the score was tied. Score – Conservative won and the Liberal won. And the bent, bruised and twisted sisters went shopping.

Yep, they were more than equally divided, but they found a way to Unite! What about you and me and US, WE the People? OUR American math may be complicated long division, but WE the People are the result of simple addition.

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