By Dahni

© 2011

all rights reserved

For well over two years now I have been trying to get a book out. Originally it was titled: PURPLE HAZE “An UN-alien’s Guide to Finding Our Republic. The book was finished with around 481 pages. It was not published. It needed work, a lot of work to be precise.

For one thing the title and subtitle were all wrong. The artwork for the cover was all wrong. What follows is a sample image of the former cover.

 Although Purple Haze is certainly a two word description of what many people think about our country right now, I certainly would not want to stay in a haze or a purple haze. Would you? Do you?

The idea for the title was that if you take the red, white and blue of Our flag or Republic and mix it all together, mess it all up, you end up with purple, or a purple haze. Descriptive yes, but it just does not communicate visually what this book is about.

The same thing would be true about the words “Finding our Republic.” I n order to find something, I suppose we needed to know it was lost. Most of US either don’t know there’s something wrong in Our Republic or WE don’t know what the true cause is. “True Cause,” could there be such a thing? Yes.

So a new title was needed. It needed to be more descriptive and more positive. Sure, describe the symptoms, but where is the cause? Eliminate the cause and the symptoms will disappear!

In the new book, I’ve trimmed by almost a hundred pages of needless repetition. But there is even a whole lot that is new. It is more targeted. The premises and the conclusions are really tight. Perhaps this entire book could be considered as an historical narrative, with analogies, current events, facts, fiction and non-fiction all thrown in together.

Having now completed the writing and my own personal edit, I just finished reading it from start to finish. It reads a lot better. It was written for the reader in mind. Is it interesting? Does it hold the attention. Is there humor? Is it factual and can it be proven? Can people relate to this in their every-day lives? Can I relate to it? Would I have read this book if you wrote it? And the biggest question of all, will its “prescription” (solution) really work? If it is even possible for me to be objective about my own work, my answer to all the questions is YES! You will just have to read it for yourself to see if you agree.

But the new title is:

RESETAn UN-alien’s Guide to Resetting Our Republic

The title itself shows what this book is about. The word “Our” shows who this book is for. It is for you and me. It is for US, WE the People.

Here is a sample of the cover art:

Original Cover Art © 2011 by Dahni

The plan at present is to have this out in digital format around December of this year 2011. The hardback book will possibly be available by January of 2012. One way or another, it will be out before the November elections of 2012. It needs to be. WE need to RESET our Republic! For more information click the button below:

An UN-alien’s Guide to Resetting Our Republic

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2 Responses to “RESET”

  1. J Beaman Says:

    I like the new title and new cover!

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