History of Apples – Two Corruptions

© 2013 By Dahni, all rights reserved


here are only two types of corruption. One is natural and the other is intentional as the following picture shows.


left – intentional corruption          right- natural corruption        


ntentional corruption is the corruption of kings, queens, tyrants and any others that seek to usurp our natural and unalienable rights. They are apples that seek to dominant all other apples. These corrupt apples desire to control US; own US, enslave US, control US, for their own pleasure and purposes. They want to exercise power and control over every other apple. Intentional corruption takes the life out of every other apple near itself and will corrupt them as well. Intentional corruption eats out of fear and it feeds off fear. Intentional corruption gets transplanted by conspiracies, conspiracy theories and even states of emergency that seem perpetual and never end. It does not matter whether there is a conspiracy, just a theory or some state of unending emergency. It is purposed, intentional, ignorant or misguided. It will always end in corruption.


atural corruption is just like it is written. It is natural. It is the nature of all living things. It is the nature of every apple. Often it is corruption that comes from many good intentions, misguided reason, or from forgetfulness of the nature of all apples. But whether the corruption is intentional or natural, it still is corruption and will corrupt. So a rotten apple intentionally; purposefully tossed into a barrel of apples, will spoil the whole barrel. So would natural corruption. No matter how the apple or the apples are corrupted, the consequences will ALWAYS, be the same!


        left – intentional corruption          right- natural corruption


eft or right it matters not which, for one bad apple hidden, concealed and left undetected, will spoil the whole bunch. Apples bound to ignorance of corruption, will merely exist and by ignorance and by fear, will wither, decay and die. But apples that forever bind this wisdom are FREE!


next time: Rise and Expansion

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