Why the Present Government CANNOT Work, Be Sustained and Continue Much Longer

by Dahni
© 2014, all rights reserved

Well, this title might appear shocking to many. It has been so titled not to shock anyone, but to focus upon the real problem that exists in the United States today and by removing the cause, the symptoms will disappear. The cause is the government. WE the People already are aware of it’s many symptoms. In the title of this work it does NOT say, [Our] “Government,” even though this is what it is supposed to be. Are we not WE the People? We are supposed to be! Are we not the authors of the government? We are supposed to be! We are the power of the government! We have the choice to accept it as it is or WE the People have the power to change it and even disband it and form something new!

Let me begin to illustrate this by something that is familiar to many of us, at least those of us that are happy to have work, a job; some form of employment. We either work in the private sector or the public sector or if you prefer, we work for the government whether locally, statewide or the federal government. By the way, the single largest employer in the whole United States is, the government! So, most of us have a vested interest in this work.

We live in a world of technology that is rapidly increasing as is the speed of information that is available to us. But with all the good that can be achieved and enjoyed by this technology and speed, many of us are miserable and disengaged at work. What is wrong with us? Is it us? Is it the work? Or is it the management system of the work itself?

Government did not form WE the People, we formed it. And we did this after declaring our independence, in the Declaration of Independence, in 1776. This was a simple document of just 1,468 words which among other things, declared,

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [and women] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

 excerpt from: The Declaration of Independence

This is Our WHY! The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, alluded to the Declaration of Independence as the, “…Apple of Gold.”

In 1789, The Constitution of the United States was ratified by the several states. This document contains just a little over 4,500 words. It is the document of WE the People that formed the government with limited powers, for the express purpose of protecting and defending the WHY or what is declared in the Declaration of Independence. This document is Our HOW. Abraham Lincoln alluded to the Constitution as the, “…picture of Silver.” And he also said, the picture of silver was made for the Apple of Gold, and not the Apple for the picture. The branches of the government were designed by us, to be co-equal and limited. WE recognize that government is both necessary and a necessary evil. By design, the Constitution of the United States was formed for the antagonistic relationship between it and us, WE the People. It was designed that it protect and defend us against all enemies foreign and domestic and especially from it, against us, its founders, designers, authors and formers!

These two documents (the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), are our reasons WHY and Our HOW and they are stated with few words and intended to be enacted, very clearly and simply. There are many that would argue that the world and the times in which we live are too complicated for these 200 + year old documents to work today. Well then, let us examine how the government has taken what is clear and simple and co-mingled it with the 300+ million people that try to live here now and the complexities of the world in which we live.

Government tries to act like almost any other big business. How have and how do many businesses operate today? What is the management structure? Business (including government) has operated and most still operate by what is often called: The Two Pillars of Management.

The first pillar is Hard. It deals with structure, systems, processes and metrics. The second pillar is Soft. It deals with  feelings, sentiments, interpersonal relationships, traits and personalities. By their very nature, both the Hard and Soft pillars and their separate parts are all independent of one another. Each separate pillar and every single part will do what they are designed to do. As the business or the government expands, all its parts must expand. It is what they do and it is ALL that they do, under this type of management. When you factor in the complexities and the speed in which change is happening today, the complicatedness and the speed in which all the parts must expand become a mathematical nightmare. And herein is why, people are miserable, disengaged and often uncooperative. The why is very simple because, it’s complicated.

Now many people have come to realize that this management style, the two pillars, are obsolete. THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN OBSOLETE!

There is some new thinking with many people and this is slowly being applied by some businesses, but certainly not all of them and most certainly not the government. But this new thinking is not new at all. It’s old. And it can be found in our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

In a recent TED talk, (http://goo.gl/E8GTGM), Yves Morieux, a senior partner and managing director of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), presented what he calls: ‘Six Simple Rules For Smart Simplicity.’ Mr. Morieux –

He is an expert in corporate transformation and leads the firm’s development of approaches to help corporations create the structural and behavioral groundwork for competitive advantage.”

 Source – excerpt from: http://goo.gl/pH1XXy

 Mr. Morieux gave his six principles as follows:

1. Understand what people do

2. Increase total quantity of power

3. Increase reciprocity

4. Reinforce integrators

5. Extend the shadow of the future

6. Reward cooperation

“It changes everything, by removing the buffers that make us self-sufficient. When you remove these buffers, you hold me by the nose, I hold you by the ear. We will cooperate. You need to reward those who will cooperate and blame those who don’t cooperate. The C.E.O. of the Lego Group, Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, has a great way to use it. He says blame is not for failure, on my real weaknesses, but if I fail to help or ask for help. I will cooperate because I know I will not be blamed if I fail, but if I fail to help or ask for help. When you do this, it has a lot of implications on organizational design. You stop drawing boxes, dotted lines, full lines; you look at their interplay. It has a lot of implications on financial policies that we use. On human resource management practice. When you do that, you can manage complexity, the new complexity of business, without getting complicated. You create more value with lower cost. You simultaneously improve performance and satisfaction at work because you have removed the common root cause that hinders both complicatedness. This is your battle business leaders. The real battle is not against competitors. This is rubbish, very abstract. When do we meet competitors to fight them? The real battle is against ourselves, against our bureaucracy, our complicatedness.”

Excerpts from Yves Morieux, TED Talk, filmed October 2013, Posted January 2014 http://goo.gl/E8GTGM

With all due respect to Mr. Morieux, these principles are NOT new. They can all be found in our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution!

The first principle of ‘knowing what people do,’ is found in the Bible and in the ancient Greek saying, “Know thyself,” and their whole culture of mentoring. It has been a practice of Japanese businesses for quite some time. One does not become the C.E.O. of a business there without first having come up through the ranks. Where do you suppose they got this idea? Well, this is how it used to be done in this country. Apprenticeships and internships were what we used to do here. It used to be our common practice. We were succeeded or replaced due to retirement, death or other reasons by those we knew and that were groomed from within for this very purpose, for continued success. We did not go outside of our businesses, communities, schools, churches and other organizations to find replacements or for new positions. We grew from within by those we knew and trained. The whole government was intended to be “of the people, for the people and by the people.” The whole operation of government was formed by WE the People. Who are WE the People? WE the People are the ones that,

“…hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [and women] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

 excerpt from: The Declaration of Independence

WE the People unanimously ratified the Constitution. Out from among us were to be those willing to serve that have sworn by an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of us, WE the People. Our public servants are to come out from among us. They are to represent us. How can this be possible, if they do not know us? It is not possible. Our three separate branches of government were designed to limit their power, but to also be co-equal, and yet each wholly accountable to the Constitution of which they have sworn an oath to keep. Everyone is supposed to know their jobs and the jobs of others. We are to know each other. No one is better than another. WE are all equal.

Co-equality is supposed to, ‘increase the total quantity of power,’ not each branch acting independently of the others and vying for dominance. The term, ‘serving at the pleasure of the president,’ is understood to mean that anyone that works directly for the president may also, be released by the president at the president’s pleasure. But this is false. Anyone that works in the government serves at the pleasure of, WE the People.

The three branches of government are designed to ‘increase reciprocity.’ Being co-equal, they are to share and share alike, for us, WE the People. We the People designed this government to ‘increase the integrators,’ not the me-myself-and-i(s), the instigators, inciters, blamer(s) and dividers.

The extension of ‘the shadow of the future,’ was written into our Constitution. The Constitution may simply be called, our document of limits, the rule of limits  or the law of the limits of the land. It was never intended that anyone ever make government their career choice or a lifetime occupation. It was intended as a honor to serve for a limited time, leave office and live with either the results or the consequences of your service.

‘Cooperation’ among the three branches is intended to be ‘rewarded.’ Failure is not attributed to one, two or all three failing, but because of their failure to help each other or to ask one another for help.

Our founding documents were designed to be and are, SIMPLE!

Remember, the Declaration of Independence has 1,468 words and takes about 10 minutes to read.

The Constitution has 4,543 words, including the signatures and takes about half an hour to read.

Another document, the Bill of Rights, has 462 words. To those who value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, they are some of the most important words in the English language–words that approach sacredness and constitute the only remaining barrier against an ever-encroaching government. These 462 words make up the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution.

Our original founders had vision. And what they saw was BIG! Proof of this was to us, WE the People, that they “pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.” And they also, kept it simple.

But what we have seen for over 200 years is, as the population has grown, government has expanded. It always expands. As it expands, it becomes more and more complex and increasingly more complicated. By following the same old obsolete management system of increasing the separate and independent parts, it seems to perpetually continue with MORE structure, systems, processes, metrics, feelings, sentiments, interpersonal relationships, traits and personalities. This is NOT the intended purpose of the United States of America! This is a divided, WE the People.

Just one example of this complexity can be seen in the Affordable Care Act. It alone contains 381,517 words in the law itself. Add to this, 11,588,500 words of final regulations and you have a single document that is over 11,000 pages, stacks about 3 feet tall and very few have ever read it including, most of those that voted for it! And this fact alone is precisely – Why the Present Government CANNOT Work, Be Sustained and Continue Much Longer! Think about this and you will come up with many others reasons, why this is so.

Poll after poll, surveys, interviews, posts, emails, blogs, public discourse, the media and our attitudes towards one another, tell us, WE the People are divided. If we are divided, it is not due to some old documents written centuries ago that has failed and is failing to keep pace with the technology, the times in which we live, the bulging at the seams of our population or the speed of information, complexity and change! If w  e are divided, it is because of, the government, its agents, and propagandists. ANY measure of life, liberty or the pursuit of any happiness we may, but barely able to touch is, because of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, BECAUSE when WE the People designed and formed  “a more perfect union,” WE the PEOPLE WERE UNITED!!!

But, fear not, let not your hearts be troubled. This could turn in our favor. WE the People could become united and simplicity could return and we all could again, being equal,  enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of whatever makes us happy! Oh, you might think and believe, I’m writing here nothing but a dream? It could never happen (again)? It did and it can! We still are, WE the People!!!!

I will close with a new version of an acrostic (each letter represents a word), similar to one you may recall. Remember S.I.B.K.I.S.S.? Well, I’m going to change the words and meaning a bit to – S.I.B.K.I.S.S. = See It Big Keep It Simply Simple!  🙂

sample of cover art and promo coming soon in 2014-2015

Click image for full size and readable text

1 of WE,

an Amer-I-Can Eagle

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