Don’t Confuse Me

by Dahni

© 2014, all rights reserved


DontConfuseMe2Some facts, for ‘The  “You are racists” and “You hate women” crowd. From the party that helped elect the current president TWICE, these are some FACTS from the midterm elections in 2014.

  1. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), running in New York’s 21st district, became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. She’s the first Republican to win the district, which had been held by Democratic Rep. Bill Owens since 1993.  
  1. Joni Ernst became the first woman ever to represent Iowa in the United States Senate. Not only that, she becomes the first female veteran in the Senate. Republican Joni Ernst will become Iowa’s first female U.S. senator — and the first female veteran in the history of the U.S. Senate
  2. Mia Love, from Utah and a Mormon, became the first black woman Republican elected to Congress. She is now the first black Republican woman in Congress and the first Haitian-American member of Congress from either party.
  3. South Carolina’s Tim Scott on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014, became the first African-American senator to win election in the South since Reconstruction. Uhh, that was between 1865 to 1877 or, 137- 149 years ago!

“Don’t Confuse Me With the Facts!”




Come on people, aren’t you tired, sick and tired of not just the one polpar (political party), but the other major one as well??? This un-nutritious non-food is cooked up by the parties and served to US by the media. And why, to maintain or gain control over the People’s (that’s US) resources! The arrogance that government is smarter than WE the People compels them to hide their true intentions by saying, “Come over here, we’re the party of everyone and everything, join us, we support you!” But in reality, they have to grow and expand the government to pay or borrow to pay the interest on the debt of all their unfulfilled promises. WE the People are, the interest and WE the People are, the debt and the recipients of all those unfulfilled  and actually, technically impossible promises!

The “other” party, oh they have plenty to say as well, “Come join us, we want to reduce the size of government and increase your freedom, your rights.” But in order to do that, this and that must me cut and eliminated or at least scaled down-scaled back and they don’t really tell us how they intend on doing that and who gets hurt in the process. Remember this, it’s always the same thing – follow the money! Whoever is in control, gets the power and the control, and has the purse that belongs to US, WE the People! WE the People, who the hell are we? We’re just a feel-good concept on the unimportant preamble to the Constitution of the United State of America. No biggie, no big deal? WE the People, need to –


click that reset!   🙂

1 of WE,

an Amer-I-Can Eagle

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