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No PC just CS

June 17, 2016
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By Dahni
© 2016, all rights reserved

“These are the times that try men’s [and women’s] souls.”

Thomas Paine

NoPC1No PC just CS Here?

The first image, a red circle with a red angled line is a familiar visual word meaning, “not” or simply, “NO.” The letters PC could have different meanings, but here its meaning is, Political Correctness (PC).

I have become weary in bending my ears and having to hear it. My eyes have lost their focus and left them cloudy and bleary and hazy and teary-eyed, to have had to look upon it. My lips have become locked to speak of it ever again. Instead, I will return to CS which is, Common Sense. If you need to know what this is, there is the likelihood that you may not have any or political correctness (PC) has driven it far from memory? If I could teach it I would. I know no other way to define it or to share with others how it could possibly be imparted, than by what was written, well over 200 years ago.


Although this was originally published anonymously and first on January 10, 1776, it is no less relevant today, June 17th, 2016, 241 years later. It is almost prophetic in light or in the darkness of our present situation. It was originally titled ‘The Plain Truth,’ but was changed to ‘Common Sense’ and was written in the simple language understood by anyone and especially common folk. It was first published as just a 48 page pamphlet, but it went through many editions and was probably purchased or gifted and read by nearly 20,000,000 (TWENTY MILLION) people in its day. That is saying a lot, considering that the population in the original 13 colonies was only around, 2,500,000 when it was written. For comparison, multiply these numbers by a factor of 10, then do it again. This would be almost 2 billion copies read in a population of the USA at 250,000,000. But really, we are over 300 million.

What is really significant about this book besides its commonality with our present day, the very words were considered seditious and if the author was discovered (now we know it was Thomas Paine), he would have been hung as a traitor to England. The popularity of his work could have made him a tidy sum in his times, but he donated every penny to George Washington and the cause of Liberty. Just forty-eight pages was in essence, the call to revolution for liberty!

If like me, you feel immersed in, drowning in filth and stuck in diseased and life robbing muck of political correctness that is promoted by over-educated idiots that say-nothing and do-less, that cannot discern the difference between a fact and an opinion, I highly recommend reading, ‘Common Sense.’ If you would just like to know what common sense is, to recall it or just be healed by it, I greatly suggest you saturate yourself inside-out with it by reading, ‘Common Sense.’ I am almost nearly 100% sure that if you just had a printed copy lying unread, but in close proximity to you, you might get healed by absorption or as if by osmosis! I will in conclusion to this post, provide you with links whereby you can read it for yourself and/or download it to be viewed on your computers, laptops and/or other digital devices, at your convenience and OFTEN and to share it OFTEN!


My suggestions for reading ‘Common Sense’:

Get a good unabridged dictionary and keep it close by. An unabridged dictionary will show origins of words and perhaps explain words as used in the day of its writing that may be unfamiliar to you. And of course, it will define words you may not know. It is interesting to note from the language that if it was common in that day, many of us might think it above our current level of education? We have certainly dumbed down in many ways since 1776.

Read ‘Common Sense’ as if it were being written today, in the time in which we live. Change words as England with perhaps, the United States. Replace the word ‘king’ with say, the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government locally, state-wide or the federal government. Change names to people living presently.

If you will read ‘Common Sense’ as if it were written in 2016, you will be amazed how it speaks to you, to me, to US, WE the People living now.


The Present Truth:

We do not have a king in title ruling us, but political correctness has divided us, government has and is dividing us; the media is; education or the lack thereof is dividing us. Politics divide us. Money out of your pocket into that of others with or without our consent divides us. We are divided from one another, from our friends and even our own families. This is the exact opposite of our founding, our purpose as a republic with a constitution written to preserve and protect our unalienable rights as penned in the Declaration of Independence, in 1776. We revolted against tyranny of the day and secured the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, NOT because we were divided, but because WE the People, were— UNITED!!!

Today, we are ripe for a takeover, not merely from some visible external force, but our enemy comes to us from the outside and are among us. The enemy within and the enemy without, have ideologies which are absolutely contradictory to our Constitution as ours is, to theirs. There are only two choices. They either assimilate with ours or we must assimilate with theirs. There is NO other way for the Republic of, by and for the people to remain. If you do not understand this, you have no common sense and are as Joseph Stalin said, “useful parrots,” to the divided-falls-for-everything!

It was Thomas Paine in ‘Common Sense,’ that wrote, “government is, a necessary evil.” Yes, it is necessary, but do NOT for a moment forget that it is EVIL.” It is NOT our friend, our savior, it is force. In the name of division and political correctness, this force which was purposefully limited has because of its nature of EVIL, divided us and deprived us of our unalienable rights such as: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Little by little our freedoms have eroded and continue to erode, amassing the power of WE in the name of some national security or some national crisis into the power and control and redistribution of, by and for the few!

If John Dickinson was the pen of the revolution see:, Mercy Otis the Conscience see:, Thomas Jefferson was the writer declaring our Independence, Thomas Paine with ‘Common Sense’ was the case for liberty. and Patrick Henry was the shout, heard all around the world—

“Give me Liberty or give me death.”


Yes, as Paine wrote, “These are the times that try men’s [and women’s] souls.” But for me, I will no longer accept this or political in-correctness. Un-friend me, do not follow me or subscribe to my posts. Divorce me, ban me from your home, kick me out of even my own family if you must. Disavow me and do not allow comments from me, if you deem this necessary. I am weary of dividing and political correctness! If you have no ‘Common Sense’ or refuse to even read ‘Common Sense,’ as linked and provided to you below FREE of Charge, by the way, then depart from me and I will from you! If departing it must be, I would you peace and clarity. I will count you as a brother or a sister. I hold onto hope that one day we could be friends and family. If we are not united, then we are divided, and if we are divided, then I must count you as mine enemy, though it be intentional or not. I am no soldier. I am no eloquent speaker or succinct, clear and popular author. I have no great sphere of influence, no wealth, no sacred honor to pledge, or life that may seem to matter much, but I matter because, I exist. But I can with equal resolve as any and by ‘Common Sense,’ yell to my dying breath just as Henry did, “Give me Liberty or give me death.” I am just me, but I am—

1 of WE,




The original publication of Common Sense consisted of approximately 48 pages

Thomas Paine began work on Common Sense in late 1775 under the working title of Plain Truth. With the help of Benjamin Rush, who suggested the title Common Sense and helped edit and publish, Paine developed his ideas into a forty-eight page pamphlet. Paine published Common Sense anonymously because of its treasonous content.

Printed and sold by R. Bell, Third Street, Philadelphia, it sold as many as 120,000 copies in the first three months, 500,000 in the first year, and went through twenty-five editions in the first year alone. This would be roughly 20,000,000 million copies being sold today on Amazon dot com.

It was first published anonymously on January 10, 1776, during the American Revolution. Common Sense, signed “Written by an Englishman”, became an immediate success.[1]

In relation to the population of the Colonies at that time, it had the largest sale and circulation of any book in American history. Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of independence was still undecided.

Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood; forgoing the philosophy and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, Paine structured Common Sense like a sermon and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[2]

Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as, “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era.” [3]
Paine donated his royalties from Common Sense to George Washington’s Continental Army, saying:

“As my wish was to serve an oppressed people, and assist in a just and good cause, I conceived that the honor of it would be promoted by my declining to make even the usual profits of an author.”

Thomas Paine

[1] Introduction to Rights of Man, Howard Fast, 1961
[2] Gordon Wood, The American Revolution: A History (New York: Modern Library, 2002), 55-56.
[3] Wood, American Revolution, 55

Links to ‘Common Sense (the full text):

The Storm before the Calm

March 2, 2010

by Dahni

© Copyright 3/1/10

all rights reserved

Today: The Storm before the Calm

Last time WE looked into the importance of having the necessary resolve and unity of purpose to pay OUR price to secure, protect and preserve OUR Liberty. In summary, these are the costs:

Resolved: That each of US, WE the People, has the same heart of a Patrick Henry, to choose Liberty over death.

Resolved: That each of US, WE the People, has the same conviction as OUR Marines, to also be, “always faithful!

Resolved: That each of US, WE the People, has the same courage as a Robin DeHaven, to “run into the fire and not away from it!”

Today, WE the People will come to understand why this resolve is so important, to OUR unity of Purpose.

Ordinarily, in matters relating to a storm, they are usually preceded by calm. As to the re-storing of OUR republic; the tearing down and ripping out of a corrupt, corrupting and corruptible ‘legal fiction’ system, there may be a storm, before the calm. Another way to look at this is, chaos before cosmos, or yin and yang, two opposites and as, two opposing forces. Before the explanation of the ‘storm before the calm,’ let US project into the future to the time when WE the People have successfully seated OUR original jurisdiction, sovereign and component state governors.

On the day that OUR entire 50 original jurisdiction;- sovereign and component state governors have been seated, the following will happen at the same time. The effects above and below the governor, will automatically occur, as the image below will show.

Once the original jurisdiction Governor, of every original; sovereign and component state has been seated, by default or automatically – all will rise or fall into place:


Ÿ All U.S. representatives & U.S. Senators once seated, will become a Constitutional Congress

Ÿ The Executive Judiciary Branch will become a Constitutional Judiciary Branch

Ÿ The Executive Branch will become a Constitutional Executive Branch


Ÿ All state governments will become sovereign state governments

Ÿ All local governments will become sovereign state – local governments


Ÿ WE the People are recognized as the original jurisdiction, sovereign People of the several states and the true power of OUR republic!

WOW, if you never thought that you or your vote mattered, think again! Look at the POWER, WE the People really have IF WE know it and exercise it. By one single act of, specifically voting for OUR original jurisdiction governors, WE have successfully torn down and ripped out the ‘legal fiction;’ corrupt, corrupting and corruptible system and re-stored OUR original republic, all in a single moment in time!!!

OK, let US imagine that WE the People are able to accomplish this re-storation within the next few years. Let US project into the future again, to the time when WE the People have successfully seated OUR original jurisdiction; sovereign and component state governors.

Everything WE have read before, all happens and takes place in one single moment in time. Then what? Then WE the People will understand why resolve is so important, to OUR unity of Purpose. Then WE the People will understand that before the calm, there will be a storm! Why?

The moment that WE the People regain control of OUR republic, everything reverts back to 1861! Think about that. What would be gone?

For starters, every single amendment to the Constitution after 1861 – gone! Every presidential executive order from the present-day to 1861 would become null and void. Whatever it may be called, the former essence of Martial Law would no longer be in force.

Oh, and all of this applies to all state and local constitutions and laws too.

But, Yay, no more federal income tax! No Federal Reserve Board or Federal Reserve Banks. No federal reserve notes. WE would have to go back to gold and silver, as per the Constitution.

There would be no more welfare programs. Social Security would cease to exist. Now before you freak out about that, what ever is presently in your account (the sum total of what you are owed right now), the government would have to immediately return to you, because it’s your money. OH, and the amount of money each of US are owed by the government, does not just end with Social Security. There is more, a whole lot more.

This is just a partial list out of many, many things that which would change, the day we tear down and rip out this corrupt, corrupting and corruptible system.

THINGS WILL NOT JUST SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR! WE will need to re-form OUR government to its original state, OUR thinking and the thinking of those that serve US will have to change!

Sometimes in order for there to be calm, there must first come a storm. Before Cosmos (order, peace & harmony) is returned to balance, there is a period of chaos or disorder. Removing the corrupt, corrupting and corruptible “system” from OUR republic is like suddenly removing the training wheels from OUR bicycle (OUR republic). WE don’t need the training wheels, WE just think WE do and so does OUR government. But when the training wheels are removed, WE will wobble, weave, run into stuff and even fall. WE pick OURselves up and keep riding until, WE realize that WE have had the balance all along!

Do WE understand now, why WE must have the resolve and unity of purpose? WE will need it! Do we understand now, why there is going to be a storm before there’s calm and chaos (disorder) before cosmos (order, peace and harmony) is re-realized? WE need to remain calm, but resolute. WE need to stand up together and support one another.

There is no question that we need a strong, but balanced; powerful, but limited central government to secure, preserve and protect the sovereign and unalienable rights of each one of US and for all of US, WE the People.

But WE must understand that in order to accomplish this re-storation of OUR republic, there will be confusion and resistance. Both confusion and resistance are by-products or leftovers (mentally), of a corrupt, corrupting and corruptible system that has been over 100 years in the making. It is a mind-set. Those that have depended upon government will have to change. Those in government will have to change. They will need to get used to the idea that WE are the boss of them, not the other way around. WE will have to continue to press OUR will upon the government and continuously and continually be recognized, as the original and sovereign power bases as, WE the People. WE must direct OUR will, step by step, to make all the practical changes needed for OUR representatives to follow explicitly.

Amendments, laws and executive orders will need to be either completely scrapped or rewritten. For example, do WE really need amendments in our present-day that frees slaves, outlaws slavery, and gives all men (inclusive noun) and women the right to vote? Are these matters not already addressed in The Declaration of Independence? Is it not written…

that all men [inclusive noun includes women] are created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”

WE would have to define however, the legal age and ‘constitute’ the age of an adult, in order to vote.

These are just a few of the matters which WE need to address. The point is that WE the People must make these decisions and empower OUR representatives to execute and legislate. We must exercise OUR will to the judiciary. It is OUR will that must be decided upon, not have these decisions made for US.

Confusing? It absolutely is! This is exactly, why this system must be eliminated! Is it all hopeless? It absolutely is not! Think of this corrupt, corrupting and corruptible “system” like this – imagine a bicycle with training wheels again.

OUR republic is the bicycle. WE the people used to be the ones that rode the bike and WE didn’t need training wheels after the constitution was written and ratified in 1789.

For over 100 years, training wheels have been added to the bicycle again. WE have been under the impression that the bicycle has become too complicated and it requires the so-called smart people in charge to ride it. Common sense tells US that WE could ride this bike without the training wheels, but the training wheels are still there. By voting for OUR sovereign; original jurisdiction and component state governors, WE the People remove the training wheels. Since others (government officials) have been riding OUR bicycle, for all these many years with the training wheels, what do you suppose will happen when the wheels are suddenly removed? There will be some wobbling and weaving; some running into stuff and even falling. Why is this? In the first place it’s not their bicycle, it’s OURS. Secondly, OUR representatives have been conditioned to riding it with the training wheels. It’s like writing a 2,000 page bill. Exactly how long does it take for me to come over to your house and pick up the trash? Not too long. How long does it take government? Well, first there is a committee to study the feasibility of picking up your trash. Then it just continues in this manner for a long time, through many departments and after all this expense, your trash still has not been picked up. That’s ridiculous and that’s like writing a 2,000 page bill or riding a bicycle with training wheels. WE are told these training wheels are necessary when they really are not.

Riding without training wheels will be difficult at first, just to stay in balance. Having to agree, get along and play nicely with others will seem strange in the beginning. Relying on common sense will be almost unheard of; new and different! Like a parent, WE will need to hold the bike and run along side of our children (representatives) and help them keep balance until they get the balance and they recognize that it’s OUR bicycle, not theirs. They just get to ride it for a little while and not the rest of their lives. To work in government is a service, a response from a grateful heart, for nation that secures the unalienable rights of every individual. This is the attitude that must be changed, in order to weather the storm, before the calm.

Throughout this blog it has been repeatedly stated that OUR solution to the re-storing of OUR republic is simple. It is! It has also been reiterated that the same simple solution may be difficult. All that I am asking of myself and of all of US, WE the People, will take some time, effort and even some monetary costs and expenses. All OUR states should have a sovereign state governor seated.

Ask yourself these questions. Is OUR government working for US or do WE work for government? Has government become too big? Is government too big to fail or is it failing US because it is too big? Yes, size does matter and in this matter it does not matter well. Government is supposed to be limited. Why? So it does not get out of control and take control. Government is supposed to be an overseer; a steward. You cannot oversee, what you cannot see over. You cannot steward what is not entrusted and empowered to your authority or within your ability to steward!

Is the solution to tearing down and ripping out a corrupt, corrupting and corruptible system too difficult for US? Do WE prefer to be safe over the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

Finally, if WE the People will not do this, who will? If not now, when?

Next Time: The Bread on Top of WE

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Ask not what your country can do for you

or what you can do for your country,

but what can WE the People do, for each other!”

1 of WE,

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