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The Conservative and The Liberal

May 19, 2010

By Dahni

© 2010 all rights reserved

Once upon a recent day, somewhere on Main Street America, a group of conservatives got together to ‘peaceably’ protest something. The police were called. A bias media was informed. The media showed up and branded the marchers with all kinds of unsavory names like “twits,” “Far Right Extremists,” “dangerous,” “radicals” and “racists.” The police dispersed the crowd.

A little time went by and a group of liberals got together to ‘peaceably’ protest something. The police were called. A bias media was informed. The media showed up and branded these marchers also, with all kinds of unsavory names like “Libs,” “Far Left Extremists,” “dangerous,” “radicals” and “racists.” The police dispersed the crowd.

A few days later, two couples crossed paths on the sidewalk and recognized one another. One couple had been supporters, marchers and protestors at the conservative gathering earlier. The other couple had been supporters, marchers and protestors at the liberal rally previously.

The couples were mixed – one White American, one Black American or African American or Negro American, one Chinese American and one Hispanic American or Latino American or Spanish Origin American.

After a few angry words were exchanged, they walked out into the center of the street. The police were called and the media was informed.

Some enterprising American Indian Americans, Alaskan Native Americans, Mexican Americans or Chicano Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, Asian Indian Americans, Japanese Americans, Native Hawaiian Americans, Korean Americans, Guarmanian Americans or Chamorro Americans, Filipino Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Samoan Americans, Other Asian Americans, Other Pacific Islander Americans, and some Other Race Americans, all kids (youts’ or youths) plus Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog, set up a lemonade stand.

Disclaimer: All the above racial and ethnic categories come from the U.S. 2010 Census form, so don’t get mad at me.

Anyway, some environmental people stood in trees while others sat on benches made from trees. Some rode horses and other were crossing guards for an endangered species of turtles. The global warmers sat inside air-conditioned homes and others could not understand why it was so cold outside.

Some Christians, Roman Catholics, Jews, Moslems and ‘Other Religions’ religious people prayed. Some Agnostics could not decide if they should pray or not pray. Some Atheists, it was assumed, just Un-prayed.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took the day off as there was no minority or disadvantaged people to represent.

The whole neighborhood turned out and it was a small representation of everything and everyone on planet earth.

The media never showed up as there was no story for any of them to ‘spin,’ so they just ran with a re-make of yesterday’s news or made up stuff.

Government was upset as there was no apparent crisis to solve or muck up.

When the police finally arrived, they did not know what to do, so they left, leaving the two couples in the middle of the street, to “work it out.”

After the police left and no one in the neighborhood seemed to care anymore, everyone went home or to where-ever. The street was quiet.

The two guys proceeded to beat the crap out of each other. The ladies got down and dirty in a knock-down; drag-out cat fight.

The guys were last seen arm-n-arm, with red, white and blue bruises and black eyes. They were each drinking their favorite All-American beer or near-beer. One ate an All-American backyard burger (meat or non-meat) and the other an All-American hotdog (meat or non-meat). Then one had some Fourth of July Cherry Pie (with or without sugar) and the other a piece of American Mom’s Apple Pie (with or without sugar). Together they stood smiling, laughing and screaming; rooting for their own favorite baseball team. And there at the stadium, the score was tied. Score – Conservative won and the Liberal won. And the bent, bruised and twisted sisters went shopping.

Yep, they were more than equally divided, but they found a way to Unite! What about you and me and US, WE the People? OUR American math may be complicated long division, but WE the People are the result of simple addition.

The Day Congress Ceased to Exist

February 11, 2010

by Dahni

© Copyright 2/10/10

all rights reserved


HOW can WE the People regain control of OUR right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? WE have delved into what won’t work in order to find what will work.

Here is where we are so far:

The List (simplified)

8.   Establish a new service to restore OUR rights to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” – WE are Working on this Now!

Today: The Day Congress Ceased to Exist!

Last time WE saw that the governors of the state in which WE the People reside are powerless within a corrupt, corrupting and corruptible system, as pertaining to OUR Republic. This system was likened to The Matrix. Just like in the movies, in order to operate inside the matrix, WE have to contend by the rules of The Matrix. WE saw that OUR Republic has not changed, OUR sovereign states have not changed and WE the People have not lost our rights to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!” The idea was presented that if WE the People have UN-empowered our governors through this system, WE can also empower them through this corrupt system.

I have written over and over again throughout this blog that the solution is simple, not easy, but simple. It may take some time, but not a lifetime and it requires OUR individual and collective participation. So if it is so simple and I know what it is, why don’t I just spill it? The reason is two-fold.

First of all, WE are not used to simple. How could WE believe something if it is so simple that even a child could understand it? By the way, isn’t this the purpose of education, to teach so that all can understand and therefore are enabled to take some kind of action? But WE live in a complex and complicated world. Even OUR own government seems to have problems in reading and understanding the bills that if they were to become laws, WE the People would supposedly be subjected to them? It’s all legalese or legal speak? Who thinks reads and writes like this? Hmmm, lawyers, politicians, bankers and corporations?

Secondly, who has a vested interest in WE the People not knowing about history being rewritten, about this corrupt system or that WE are living in an artificial country? There are two groups: those that work within this corrupt system and those that depend upon crumbs from the system, just to exist.

Even if you are a good apple and get tossed into this corrupt system, you are going to rot! So where did this rotten system begin? It had started the day the Declaration of Independence was signed in the thoughts of some, but in practice, it took form in 1861.

Government 101

There are three branches of government within our republic right? This was and remains a stroke of genius by our founders! The three branches push each other and this WE call OUR checks and balances. Only one branch is empowered to make laws and propose amendments to OUR Constitution. The only exception to this is the delegates of a Constitutional Convention. See:

Convening a Constitutional Convention

The Judiciary Branch was and is empowered to make sure these laws and amendments did not contradict OUR Constitution and to enforce the laws.

The Executive Branch was and is empowered to execute these laws, not make law through proclamations and executive orders, circumvent the Legislative Branch, or go around the Judiciary Branch. So there is and have been a lot of pushing and shoving and effort involved among all branches in trying to dominate the others. But Congress is supposed to be in empowered to make laws and amend OUR Constitution, period!

This has been brought up in this blog before that ever since 1861 Congress has ceased to exist, constitutionally. So what are the facts to this wild sounding claim?




(Adjournment without a day to reconvene)

37th U.S. Congress, March 28, 1861

MR. POWELL, from the committee appointed to wait on the President of the United States and notify him that unless he has some further communications to make, the Senate is ready to adjourn, reported that the committee had waited on the President, and been informed by him that he had no further communication to make to the Senate.

MR. FOSTER. I move to take up the resolution which I submitted a short time ago for an adjournment, without delay, at fifteen minutes before four o’clock.

MR. HALE. I move that the Senate do now adjourn sine die.

The motion was agreed to; and the Senate adjourned sine die.


Question, why did they adjourn without a day? If you research the journals of the Congress for this time period, you will discover that both houses had already witnessed the departure of many of their members from the southern states that had seceded. Those representatives and senators had already announced their intentions. The Senate had already agreed to remove them as members of the Senate and their names from the roll call. Both houses already knew that they would be functioning with fewer members and any quorum (simple majority) would be smaller. Both houses were already aware of the unsuccessful attempt by the union forces to secure Fort Sumter in January of this same year. But the Senate had been waiting for the president to respond to their request for information as to the unusual amount of union military forces and their intent, within and outside of Washington, D.C. Since the president did not respond while they were in session, they adjourned without a day set, to either re-convene or to convene as set by the Constitution. But they could have re-convened at anytime if they so chose to!

What happened next? The Battle of Fort Sumter lasted from April 12–13, 1861. Both the north and the south had hoped the other side would fire first, giving them greater force to justify their actions and rally public support. The south fired first and recaptured Fort Sumter. Two days later, President Lincoln issued the following proclamation.


Proclamation Calling Militia and Convening Congress

April 15, 1861



[call it a proclamation, an executive order, or a declaration of war if you like]

Whereas the laws of the United States have been for some time past, and now are opposed, and the execution thereof obstructed, in the States of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, by combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, or by the powers vested in the Marshals by law,

Now therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, in virtue of the power in me vested by the Constitution, and the laws, have thought fit to call forth, and hereby do call forth, the militia of the several States of the Union, to the aggregate number of seventy-five thousand, in order to suppress said combinations, and to cause the laws to be duly executed. The details, for this object, will be immediately communicated to the State authorities through the War Department. [Martial Law]

I appeal to all loyal citizens to favor, facilitate and aid this effort to maintain the honor, the integrity, and the existence of our National Union, and the perpetuity of popular government; and to redress wrongs already long enough endured.

I deem it proper to say that the first service assigned to the forces hereby called forth will probably be to re-possess the forts, places, and property which have been seized from the Union; and in every event, the utmost care will be observed, consistently with the objects aforesaid, to avoid any devastation, any destruction of, or interference with, property, or any disturbance of peaceful citizens in any part of the country.

And I hereby command the persons composing the combinations aforesaid to disperse, and retire peaceably to their respective abodes within twenty days from this date.

Deeming that the present condition of public affairs presents an extraordinary occasion, I do hereby, in virtue of the power in me vested by the Constitution, convene both Houses of Congress. Senators and Representatives are therefore summoned to assemble at their respective chambers, at 12 o’clock, noon, on Thursday, the fourth day of July, next, then and there to consider and determine, such measures, as, in their wisdom, the public safety, and interest may seem to demand.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the Seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the city of Washington this fifteenth day of April in the year of our Lord One thousand, Eight hundred and Sixtyone, and of the Independence the United States the Eightyfifth.


By the President:

WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.


Question, if this was an “extraordinary occasion,” why did the president wait until July 4th to have both houses seated and why the date of July 4th? If this was such an “extraordinary occasion” why did congress not itself, call itself back to Washington? But how was this proclamation by the president responded to by Congress?





THURSDAY, July 4, 1861

As the President of the united States deemed that the Condition of the public affairs presented an extraordinary occasion which required the assembling of Congress at an earlier day than that fixed by the Constitution, by virtue of the power vested in him, he, by his proclamation dated April 15, 1861, summoned both Houses of Congress to meet in their respective Chambers on the 4th day of July, 1861, instant.


They convened as commanded by the president on the day and time as demanded. From this day forward, there has never been a Constitutional Congress seated in Washington, D.C.! Anyone, anywhere and at anytime, if it can be shown by date, time and record that this has ever changed, I will change this. But until if and when this has been proven, Congress remains an Executive Congress and not a Constitutional Congress.

Surely Congress looked real from that point and thereafter. The previous proclamations and orders seem to be using the Constitution as justification. All appeared to be “extraordinary Occasions” as written in the Constitution, but are not defined in the Constitution. But this was the beginning of the make-believe U.S.A.

What does this all have to do with the governors of OUR states? From this day forward, all our elected or appointed national representatives and senators have been seated into illegitimate Congresses. They are not bound to serve their prospective states. They only appear that they are. They are seated in an Executive Congress as if the country were still under Marital Law. Martial Law was imposed by President Lincoln and it was lifted at the conclusion of the conflict among the states and completed in the state of Missouri by the military, some time after the assassination of President Lincoln. But in 1863, this same executive congress and Lincoln would pass laws and propose amendments to the Constitution which were and are UN-constitutional. These laws and the Conscription Act of 1863 in particular, has never been rescinded, canceled or overturned. These laws would affect every state in 1863 and all states thereafter. As the states were re-written, so were the powers of the governors. In 1871, the Executive Congress Incorporation of Washington, D.C. made it the legal fiction seat of Corporate U.S.A. and its subsidiaries or sub-corporations (the legal fiction states) under its jurisdiction.

By the ratification of the 14th amendment to the Constitution by the fake states, WE the people became subject to the jurisdiction of the fake United States.

I am neither a lawyer nor a legal scholar, but like you, I CAN READ! WE can read history and WE can read history that has been re-written too! To beat the corrupt, corrupting and corruptible system, WE have to play by the rules of the system.

Our goal is to legally seat the governors of OUR individual and sovereign states, which would as a result, legally seat our representatives and senators into a Constitutional Congress, which would legally seat both the Executive and Judiciary Branches of government into OUR Republic.

To accomplish this, WE the People must understand the difference between what is Constitutional and manipulation (legal fiction and re-written history).

In the fictional movie series ‘The Matrix,’ WE are introduced to the character of Neo, Thomas Anderson, one of billions of humans neurally connected to the Matrix, unaware that the world he lives in is a virtual reality. In his legitimate activities, he is a quiet programmer for a “respectable software company,” but he is also a computer hacker who penetrates computer systems. During his time as a hacker, Anderson has learned about something known only as “the Matrix”. It is described by the character Morpheus, as a vague notion that Neo has felt his whole life that “there is something wrong with the world” In order to defeat this system, he must return to the source. In the end, the solution and victory is found in choice – freedom of will – liberty, not a concept, but a reality and an unalienable right. This is what WE the People must do. WE must return to the source and by OUR choice – freedom of will – liberty, WE the People must contend by the rules of the system, tear it down and rip it out! Do WE the People so will?

Next Time: Returning to the Source – Constitutional or Manipulation?

I have promised and will keep my promise. I promise you that what WE can do about all of this and HOW to do it is coming! WE are in it, right now! The solution is on the way! It is really quite simple. It will not take forever or even a lifetime. It will only take a small amount of time and your direct participation. It may be difficult, but WE can do it IF, WE the People so will to do it. Do WE so will?

What may seem as insurmountable odds in regaining control of OUR liberties may appear hopeless, but there is an answer! Stay tuned here as we continue.

Check out the other blogs listed to the right. Come often. Bring others. Get involved. Do something. See:

How You Can Help

Ask not what your country can do for you

or what you can do for your country,

but what can WE the People do, for each other!”

1 of WE,

An Amer-I-Can eagle

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Let the Restoration Begin

February 8, 2010

by Dahni

© Copyright 2/08/10

all rights reserved

HOW can WE the People regain control of OUR right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? WE have delved into what won’t work in order to find what will work.

Last time I asked for your help (the 8 Re’s from the last post). The title of the list “Redux” and every item on the list used the same two letters, ‘R’ & ‘e’ or ‘Re’. Restoration uses the same first two letters, also. ‘Re’ is an important prefix and quite simply means to repeat, do something over or do something again. Like the word – ‘rejoice,’ for example. In order to rejoice, WE first needed to have joy. The point here is that these things are available and we just want to re-do or re-peat these over and over. WE want to re-store.

Today: Let the Restoration Begin!

WE the People must know and understand what a restoration is and what WE are restoring. This is not a construction, a de-struction or a re-construction. It is not building, a re-building or a re-modeling . It is a re-storing or a restoration of the original. It is something WE already had and WE already have!

In previous posts in this blog, I have taken great lengths to try and uncover, what has been hidden from most of US for well over 100 years (specifically since 1861). The words ‘Legal Fiction,’ were introduced. WE have looked at various metaphors and ideas to try and fix an image in our minds, as to what legal fiction is. Concepts from the series of movies known as ‘The Matrix’ were used as was the ‘rabbit hole,’ in the fantasy world of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Plainly and legally, legal fiction is as follows.

Legal Fiction

In the common law tradition, legal fictions are suppositions of fact taken to be true by the courts of law, but which are not necessarily true. They typically are used to evade archaic rules of procedure or to extend the jurisdiction of the courts in ways that were considered useful, but not strictly authorized by the old rule.

Legal fictions were used by courts prior to the existence of handling offences. In a situation where A sells stolen property to B, B can then be accused of handling stolen property. Legal fiction has been used to declare that: as A did not have the power to sell the property to B, B was considered to have also stolen the property, and was therefore guilty of theft.

The term “legal fiction” is not usually used in a pejorative way in spite of the negative connotation of the phrase, and has been characterized as scaffolding around a building under construction.

Note: Research the history of ‘Legal fiction’ and Law dictionaries, specifically ‘Black’s Law dictionary. It may be of interest to you to discover the specific year (edition) when this term was first used.

What does ‘Legal Fiction’ have to do with restoration? What the following image endeavors to illustrate is that legal fiction is not real. It is a fake or a façade. It does not exist. It is fantasy. Take a look at the image below.

The image is a model of OUR U.S. Capitol. For OUR purposes here, this represents OUR Republic; OUR Constitution; OUR government; OUR rule of Law.

With the lighting, the image and black background, it is accepted as being at night. Night represents secrecy or the cover of darkness.

If you look closely, scaffolding can be seen in the picture. It is hard to tell exactly where the scaffolding is. Is it in front of, in the center (sandwiched between two buildings) or behind the building? But once WE see it, WE know it is there. Remember, scaffolding is used as an analogy for a building under construction. So what it appears to be that what WE are looking at, is OUR republic, under construction. This can be understood as amendments to our Constitution; other purported laws of the land and states or as, a work in progress.

What WE think and believe is OUR Republic, is actually a façade. It is like a whole town built for a western movie set. From the front it looks real, but it actually has no sides, innards or back.

Look closely. Can you see a faint image of the capitol’s rotunda just behind and to the left of the one lit and in the foreground? What WE are actually looking at is a building which appears to be an exact replica of the one in front. Darkness and the scaffolding make this difficult to see, but this is what is there. And what is this dark, unseen and almost unknown building? It is our Republic! It is not a replica! The replica is the one in front; the one that looks all pretty and lit up. It’s the one WE think and believe is OUR republic. It is not an exact replica! It is a fake and it has been altered!

The scaffolding (legal fiction), was used to construct this façade or fake government. The real capitol is behind the fake one.

Look at the center of the lit capitol rotunda in the foreground. Can you make out the colors of blue and gold and the form of a chair? It is a throne and representative of a monarchy, or a dictatorship. Call this usurpation, treason or tyranny.

This is not to blame a person, persons or party. It is not another conspiracy theory. Whether by original intent, present knowledge with intent, or ignorance, these are the facts. This is a system, a corrupt, corruptiing and corruptible system THAT MUST BE TORN DOWN AND TORN OUT!

This system, this scaffolding, this legal fiction, this United States, Inc., this façade, has been under construction for well over 100 years!

This system has systematically tried to rewrite history, OUR Constitution and OUR unalienable rights that among these are, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

This system has tried to replace the United States FOR America with the United States OF America. This system has tried to replace OUR Republic (rule by law) with a democracy (rule by majority). This system has tried to replace OUR unalienable (rights which cannot be surrendered or taken) with inalienable rights (freedoms – privileges which can be surrendered and taken). This system has tried to take the sovereignty of the several states and replace them with districts under the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia, Inc. This system has tried to replace OUR citizenship in the state where WE reside and replace it with Citizenship of (under the jurisdiction of) the United States (the District of Columbia, Inc.). This system has tried to take OUR Liberties (unalienable rights) and replace them with freedoms (inalienable rights (privileges).

This system has tried to bind US under legal contract in replacing bearer bonds, legal tender – money backed by gold or silver as instruments for services rendered, acquisitions acquired and for payments of all debts public and private, with Federal Reserve Notes. This system has tried to bind us under contract in our acceptance of this counterfeit money and illegal bearer bonds. But no contract is valid unless all parties knowingly agree to the terms and have all signed the contract. No representative may sign on behalf of any other. No power of attorney is valid unless for the cause of a non-adult prohibited from entering into any such binding agreement or it has been proven that physical or mental incapacitation, can show cause that the party is unable to sign the contract for herself or himself.

This system has tried to systematically tear down the government OF the People, By the People and FOR the People and replace it with a master relationship (even if benevolent), for whom we serve as its servants; its slaves for our very existence.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is OUR Republic that WE the People are to restore. Nothing has changed! OUR Republic has not changed! OUR sovereignty has not changed nor has the sovereignty of the several states. OUR Liberty has not and cannot be forfeited, surrendered or taken from US! Our Constitution has not changed!

WE the People are living inside and outside of a lie, a façade, and a fake legal fiction fantasy called, the United States, Inc.; seated in the District of Columbia, Inc!

WE the people must tear down the scaffolding and this legal fiction façade and rip it out to reveal and to restore, OUR Republic which still stands!

WE the People know now, what has to be restored (OUR Republic). Now WE the People need to know, HOW to restore it!

I have promised and will keep my promise. I promise you that what WE can do about all of this and HOW to do it is coming! It is really quite simple. It will not take forever or even a lifetime. It will only take a small amount of time and the participation of each 1 of WE the people. It may be difficult, but WE can do it IF, WE the People so will to do it. Do WE so will?

What may seem as insurmountable odds in regaining control of our liberties may appear hopeless, but there is an answer! Stay tuned here as we continue.

Next Time: The Most Powerful Person in the U.S.A.

Check out the other blogs listed to the right. Come often. Bring others. Get involved. Do something. Even if it is just leaving a comment, that’s doing something. But don’t bother in telling me how stupid I am, this won’t work or that you hate my guts and things like that. Been there, done that and heard that all before and then some. Be original. Be different.

Ask not what your country can do for you

or what you can do for your country,

but what can WE the People do, for each other!”

1 of WE,

An Amer-I-Can eagle

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I am Asking for Your Help

February 7, 2010

by Dahni

© Copyright 2/07/10

all rights reserved

HOW can WE the People regain control of OUR right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? WE have delved into what won’t work in order to find what will work.

Today: I am asking for Your Help!

Heretofore in this blog, my several blogs and web sites, I have not and do not ask anyone for anything with the exception of asking for comments and for You to do something for yourself. I have not charged you or anyone to read this post, any post from any blog or for the content on any of the web sites I am associated with. But in one sense, you pay something when you give of your time to view the content that I have provided. Today, I am asking you for more!

Oh my, it looks like a To-Do-Today list. Well, yes it is. As everything begins with the letters r’ and e’ or Re’, perhaps the list will be easier to recall, especially so if the items from the list of 8 are less than 8 in what you choose to act upon.

The List Defined

The list begins with the word Redux.

Redux [ri-duhks]  – (adjective) brought back; resurgent:

Origin: 1650–60;  Latin : returning (as from war or exile), noun. deriv. (with passive. sense) of redūcere to bring back;

Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010.

So this list is to bring back. It is a resurgence, a coming out of exile, like coming out of the Matrix (see the movies with this name); like emerging from the Rabbit Hole (see Alice in Wonderland). With eyes opened, WE the People are vehemently infuriated and WE are not going to take it anymore! Redux also, carries the meaning of a restoration. When WE cook WE understand the word, reduce. Remove the water and what is left is the original, not watered down. This is what I mean here in this post and this blog by the word, RESTORATION.

1.  Read – It is my intention that you read this post and every post in this blog and all those associated with this blog, WORD FOR WORD! An informed public is OUR greatest tool for restoring WE the People. Information is not only for information, but it can be for transformation too!

2.  Research – Check out my facts, history, grammar, spelling, style and the way in which I have written them. This is first of all for YOU! Don’t just take my word for what I have written. Am I right? Challenge me! Tell me where I am wrong or where improvements could be made. This of course leads to the next item on the list. If I am really 1 of WE, WE are all in this together. It is important to be right and to communicate to the end that all can understand, so that WE can take action.

3.  Respond – Make a comment or comments below or send me an email to: My icon picture is really me. I am not transparent or invisible. I can be found. Refresh me with your encouragement, your kindness and if anything I have written or write makes any positive difference to you. Rebuke me with the facts and your suggestions as to how I may change or improve. This is not a me-thing, but a WE -thing that I, 1 of WE am endeavoring to do for US, WE the People!

4.  Repeat – If you like or appreciate, agree with or believe in what I am trying to do –  copy, cut and paste; right-click with your mouse; drag and drop, and download and upload these posts (or what is appropriate to you) to your friends, families, associates and anyone by email, on a web site, by phone, by online social network, print media, carrier pigeons, smoke signal, Morse code, Braille, tap-taps or to those on the other end of the string, connecting your network of tin cans.  🙂

I just ask that you give credit where it is due and to include this blog address:

5.  Reciprocate – If you like something I have done, if you believe in what I am trying to do or if anything I have done or that I am doing means anything to you, buy something. I am not wealthy or a person of means. I am not running for any political office. I am not trying to set up a tax-deductible, not for profit political organization or another political party. I am not part of a non-profit organization. I am just like you, I have expenses just like you, bills, a mortgage and yes even debts. But this is who I am. This is what I do. I am an artist, composer, a poet and a writer. Sure, I would probably have been better off if I had not gotten into the arts at all (starving artist syndrome thing) or at least just devoted my efforts to one of these instead of the many things I do. But these are all like breathing to me! I am asking you to buy or purchase something I have done or have made. Check out:

These are the principle locations for what I have to offer for purchase. If you cannot find something you like, ask and I will make something special for you. Buy a post or an article I have written. Send whatever you think appropriate. Send a check. Your check is the receipt or I’ll send you a receipt. Put on the memo: For Literary Services Rendered or For Educational Purposes. Any good accountant or CPA would know how to write this off your taxes, especially if you have a home based business, which I believe everyone should have! Are you or do you know an agent, publicist, producer, editor, advertiser, marketer, business person, lawyer, an investor or someone involved in the arts in any way? Can you; would you help me? I have poetry, music, art, scripts and the list is nearly endless of work completed or in process. Any help just keeps me going. I am not looking to become wealthy at the expense of WE the People. I just want to make a living among US, doing what I love to do. Please make Checks Payable to:

27 West. Blvd. Parkway
Rochester, NY 14612

You can write me, Dahni, at the same address.

6.  Restore –  I am asking you for help in restoring our republic. This restoration has two parts:

a. it includes 1-6 above

c. Participate in the actual restorative process – COMING SOON

7.  Rejoice – Rejoice living with OUR unalienable rights that among theses are, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!”

8.  Resist – Resist any attempt, from anyone or from any source foreign or domestic to usurp, control, disband or overthrow by any means, the government OF the People, By the People and FOR the People, EVER AGAIN!! With eyes wide open, let US walk among each other with Liberty and justice for all!

Next Time:  Let The Restoration Begin!

Check out the other blogs listed to the right. Come often. Bring others. Get involved. Do something. Even if it is just leaving a comment, that’s doing something. But don’t bother in telling me how stupid I am, this won’t work or that you hate my guts and things like that. Been there, done that and heard that all before and then some. Be original. Be different.

Ask not what your country can do for you

or what you can do for your country,

but what can WE the People do, for each other!”

1 of WE,

An Amer-I-Can eagle

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